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Daily Archives: April 28, 2012

Dreaming I’m Asleep

I have really vivid dreams. Dreams about people working at work, or that I knew in college. Rarely about family. Colorful, detailed dreams. I see myself, what I’m doing.

The past two nights, I dreamed that I was asleep. That I had my head in my arms on a desk, and, the first night, that people at work were trying to wake me up for specific appointments and meetings. I would try to shake them off with a slight move of my arm, then go back to sleep. Last night it was my husband and a friend, saying it was time to go and hang out at the park, or go to the new Greta Gerwig movie. Head still down in my arms, I would try to nudge them off. Keep sleeping.

I have never dreamt about sleeping before. That’s just too Being John Malcovich, when he’s in his own head, in a restaurant, surrounded by “Malcovich, Malcovich, Malcovich.” My head felt about as twisted up as my sheets.

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