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Monthly Archives: May 2013

The Past, The Present

I’m cleaning up boxes in my parents’ basement. Apparently I didn’t open much mail, and I wrote a lot of poetry. Keep finding it on scraps of paper (and the back of unopened envelopes).

The best part is finding mail from friends that I’ve really missed. Nice day.

Just Dancing My Way To Awesome

So here’s how it works: I set out my workout clothes before I leave in the morning and tell myself I’ll dance for 20 minutes, and an hour passes so quickly. I love the wii.

I started with JustDance2. It’s funny. Each song has its own design, and they are ridiculous but fun. However, the tribal ones are a bit awful, and I think that “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)” by Mika is sizeist because the character doesn’t have as many moves as the others. Other than that, you know, awesome. Then I put on “Monster Mash” to cool down.

In JustDance3 Robin Sparkles sings “Let’s Go To the Mall,” and it’s legen-wait for it!-dary.

I end each round with “Somethin’ Stupid,” sung by a mermaid who – seriously – is dancing with two legs and not one tail, and the other guy is wearing a space suit. It’s ridiculous and fun and a fantastic cool down.

I’m finally enjoying an exercise routine. My mood doesn’t interfere with dancing. I love the wii.

“I Know A Story About The Milky Way”

from The Story Girl, by L. M. Montgomery. Told by the Story Girl herself:

Zerah and Zulamith loved each other, just as mortals love, and this is forbidden by the laws of the Almighty. And because Zerah and Zulamith had so broken God’s law they were banished from His presence to the uttermost bounds of the universe. If they had been banished TOGETHER it would have been no punishment; so Zerah was exiled to a star on one side of the universe, and Zulamith was sent to a star on the other side of the universe; and between them was a fathomless abyss which thought itself could not cross. Only one thing could cross it – and that was love. Zulamith yearned for Zerah with such fidelity and longing that he began to build up a bridge of light from his star; and Zerah, not knowing this, but loving and longing for him, began to build a similar bridge of light from her star. For a thousand thousand years they both built the bridge of light, and at last they met and sprang into each other’s arms. Their toil and loneliness and suffering were all over and forgotten, and the bridge they had built spanned the gulf between their stars of exile.

“Now, when the other archangels saw what had been done they flew in fear and anger to God’s white throne, and cried to Him,

“‘See what these rebellious ones have done! They have built them a bridge of light across the universe, and set Thy decree of separation at naught. Do Thou, then, stretch forth Thine arm and destroy their impious work.’

“They ceased – and all heaven was hushed. Through the silence sounded the voice of the Almighty.

“‘Nay,’ He said, ‘whatsoever in my universe true love hath builded not even the Almighty can destroy. The bridge must stand forever.’

“And,” concluded the Story Girl, “her face upturned to the sky and her big eyes filled with starlight, “it stands still. That bridge is the Milky Way.”

The Big Dipper

Psych Ward: Shut-In to Shout-Out

A day after I arrived, someone checked in. He was having a really rough time. To say that a co-patient really stuck out among all of the other patients in a psych ward is saying quite a lot.

I became friends with about four other patients, three of whom left on Monday. Tuesday, I went to the Dance Appreciation group, and the guy I mentioned earlier sat in. It was the first group he didn’t walk in and out of, shouting.

He stayed the whole time for Dance. He spoke about what he liked about music and dancing, with his eyes closed, because he spoke about something that he truly loved.

Then, when the music started, he danced and danced and then held out his hand to me. He twirled me, spun me out and then back in. He kept smiling, and his eyes stayed closed. It was beautiful, and I was glad to just be there with him.


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