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Psych Ward: Shut-In to Shout-Out

A day after I arrived, someone checked in. He was having a really rough time. To say that a co-patient really stuck out among all of the other patients in a psych ward is saying quite a lot.

I became friends with about four other patients, three of whom left on Monday. Tuesday, I went to the Dance Appreciation group, and the guy I mentioned earlier sat in. It was the first group he didn’t walk in and out of, shouting.

He stayed the whole time for Dance. He spoke about what he liked about music and dancing, with his eyes closed, because he spoke about something that he truly loved.

Then, when the music started, he danced and danced and then held out his hand to me. He twirled me, spun me out and then back in. He kept smiling, and his eyes stayed closed. It was beautiful, and I was glad to just be there with him.


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  1. Keep sending inspiration!


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