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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Awesome Apps: ComicBook

To start my “Awesome Apps” reviews, I’ll show off ComicBook!, which I use to create many if the lists on this blog.

ComicBook! is awesome because you can create a paneled story using the photos you already have on your iPad or iPhone, adding speech bubbles and included stickers. My favorite use for ComicBook! is to make lists of things to do in a day and then use them as my iPad wallpaper as a reminder through the day. I’ve used it to create tips of how to fall asleep, create a sign for my Superhero Shout-Outs, and another for my new Awesome Apps (all posted on this blog). I also make birthday posters to email out, and am asked to make outlandish reminders for friends.

ComicBook! helps me do something creative and distracting when I’m not feeling well and need to make something tedious (like a list of how I should structure a manic day) more palatable. With ComicBook!, the tasks even become fun. And they’re all mine – there’s so much flexibility within the app. I highly recommend it.

ComicBook! was created by 3DTOPO (aka Oliver Wolfson & Jeshua Lacock), and is sold on iTunes for $1.99. You can buy additional sticker sheets from within the app.


Helpful Tips from NAMI, Post-Sandy

NAMI posted Helpful Tips for Recovering From Hurricane Sandy.
It’s a really really bright red and yellow, but otherwise helpful. Geared toward New Yorkers.

DNA Info: How to Help Others While Helping Yourself

DNAinfo.comNew York posted an article “How to Help Others While Helping Yourself During Sandy’s Aftermath, by Morris Cohen.”
How are you all doing?

First Day Out After Superstorm?

A lot of commuters in the tri-state area are headed back to work/school tomorrow morning for the first time in a week after Superstorm Sandy.

Even if you’ve had power this past week, heading outside of your home or neighborhood for the first time will be stressful – for everyone! The thing we know about Monday is that it’s going to be a wait-to-go situation. Here’s what I’m doing to prepare (I’ll be taking the subway and walking):
–Charging my cell fully;
–Wearing layers for the commute;
–Packing fingerless gloves and silk underwear for my unheated office;
–Choosing a paperback, rather than reading from my iPad when it’s so cramped on the commute, (and also so I stay alert);
–Packing medicine for Monday night and Tuesday morning, just in case;
–Planning my route this evening as best I can, using the MTA’s resources, but know that it may change; and
–Trying to sleep well tonight.

My office understands that we’ll have some trouble getting in, so I know that I can let a few full trains go by if they’re too full. If I take care of myself tonight and tomorrow, I’ll be able to do a better job when I get to the office.

Best of luck!


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