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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Snow On The Beach

Snow on the beach is my #5 most favorite thing. Growing up by the coast, I preferred the off-season.

We are at a hotel overlooking the sea, and it’s been a wonderful vacation. I haven’t needed ocean sounds on my Ambience app to fall asleep. Most mornings, at home, I wake up remembering a dream about the sea. For three days, the roar of high tide has woken me up instead. Lovely.


Grey Hair = Accomplishment

I have glimpsed strands of white hair at my temples this week, without searching for it.

I’m so excited. Grey hair, white hair is an accomplishment to me. It means that I am aging, and that I’ve made it long enough to go grey. I’ve achieved so much. I’m here!

Bronchitis Lingering = Sexy Lounge Singer Voice

I feel better, but have a lingering 1-pack-day voice. I figure I should use it for the greater good, and sing like Rosemary Clooney, with a most fabulous dress, and, naturally, back up dancers:

Pocket-Sized Survival Kits: Sleep – Awake

Working on pages 21 [depression on the left, (hypo)mania on the right]: Things to do when I’m back at home, anywhere but work, really.

Pages 10-11 are “How to Go to Sleep” for (hypo)mania, and “How to Stay Awake” for depression, below.

Now, I’ll follow the advice in my kit and go to bed.



Pocket-Sized Survival Kits: Pages

A friend is here, fell asleep on the couch. It’s nice to have a friend here who is comfortable doing that. I gave her a blanket, and switched to my lullaby playlist.

Meanwhile, I work on the pocket-sized survival kits. The first image is of the covers, with mania on top, depression below. Second image is page 2 of each, which are the same text. Third is pages 14 & 15, mania on top, depression below again:




Pocket-Sized Survival Kits: Photo Prepping

Collecting photos to print and paste in my travel survival kits.


Pocket Sized Survival Kits

Time to style up some portable survival kits. I bought the most beautiful, plain little sketchbooks today. Two. I am going to make mini kits that I can slip into my bag when I need one: A depression one and a mania one.

I have all sorts of survival kits – The shoe-box sized ones, my books, the pages in the Corkulous app on my iPad, and the mixes I’ve made. But I forget them when I need them.

I’ll decorate them – I usually create both when I am (hypo)manic anyway. I can decorate the cover, paste stuff inside – I’m looking forward to the process as much as having them available.

Will keep you updated. This is what they look like now:


Quote For Desk?

Hi! Who has a great saying/ quote/ mantra that I can put on my desk?

Something that will help me get through the day. Something that will help me when things are tough, or something that’s positive all day long.

Appreciate the help!


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