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Monthly Archives: September 2012

“Fake It Till You Make It” via @RookieMag

Yeah. This is what I’m talking about:

Rookie Magazine on “Fake It Till You Make It,” by contributor Krista. See? It applies to so many parts of life:


Put On A Happy Face

Hey there. Was anyone else with an illness – or not – told to put on a good face, and save the unwell for home?

I was, not unkindly, and I think it was – is – one of the reasons I do so well. But, man, there have been times when it was annoying.

How about you? Were you told to “buck up” or “not let others see weakness, it only gives them something to use against you”? Others with illnesses have shared advice they’ve received. If you didn’t hear it, do you wish you had? When?


Superhero Shout-Out: My Family

Today’s Superhero Shout-Out goes to my extended family.

This is not a generic thank you. There will be some specifics in other Superhero Shout-Outs, but right now it’s important for me to thank the whole group.

My mom always says that family is the most important thing, that we will always be there for each other. It was true when I was a child, and continued when I was in college. They were there for me when I grew up, and supportive when I was diagnosed with depression, then bipolar.

And when I was in the hospital the first time, I was so scared that my brother and sister would be freaked out & have less attention, and I also I feared that wouldn’t be allowed to hang out with my younger cousins. But everyone was super-supportive. If they had to think about it first, I never knew.

This weekend one of my cousins got married, and I was so happy for her and her husband – they’re wonderful. I was also really thankful to have been part of her life for all of her life. I was never cut out. In fact, I was invited over, especially included. I have great relationships with my parents, my brother and sister. My aunts and uncles on both sides didn’t pull away, nor did my cousins. I’ve always loved all of them, and they love me, bipolar swings and all.

So – Congratulations, cousin! I’ve loved watching you grow up, and loved attending your wedding with our families. I can’t wait to see what happens in the future, for all of us.

I appreciate that I have a huge family in my Team. Thank you! I love you all.


Love Love Love This Fashion

A fabulous style icon. After spending so many years trying to fit in, or fly under the radar in black, this is an awesome, tempting alternative:

I Care… & I Voted In Today’s Primary

I care, so I voted.


How Do You Organize The Day?

What do you do to organize the day ahead? Write a list by hand? Type something in a computer program? Draw pictures? Remember it all outright?

I draw pictures. And all of the others above, except the remembering outright.

This is a recent packing list.


Brave = Color

I have worn an almost all-black wardrobe for about 18 years now.

Time for a change. I’m experiencing some neurological issues, separate from the usual bipolar stuff. I’m frustrated, wary, and a little sad.

Since there is little I can do about the neurological issues right now – except have tests, start a new medication, wait, start physical therapy sessions, wait, and add a new medication – I’ve got to depend on my Survival Kit like I do during my bipolar episodes. Thing is, I don’t really know what to do to feel better with this set of medical issues.

So, I’m making it up as I go. Totally inventing stuff, even if it is just a panacea. I’ll wear color. I’ll wear cobalt and turquoise fuchsia and kelly green. With black, yes. I’m going to make an impression. Fake it ’til I make it. Sometimes I can fake myself, and sometimes that is success.


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