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Quote For Desk?

Hi! Who has a great saying/ quote/ mantra that I can put on my desk?

Something that will help me get through the day. Something that will help me when things are tough, or something that’s positive all day long.

Appreciate the help!


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So - Here's to making rules and breaking them, keeping healthy by being creative. We're all in this together. We've got to help each other out.

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  1. It’s not exactly a quote, but maybe you can compress it. Whenever the day gets too long or scary, I get into a line of thinking where I try to be amazed at how much of everything (stuff, people, clouds, atoms) there is in the universe. Then I wonder how all this stuff has come to be here and, since I’m an atheist, I hit a brick wall: you can go back to a Big Bang or whatever, but ultimately there is no explanation. By that time my own miseries are so tiny by comparison: it just doesn’t matter whether I exist or how I feel.
    That would sound like a bad thing, but somehow it’s not. Especially when I’m stuck in negative thoughts, it stops those, and any misery loses most of its weight.
    So maybe your quote could be:
    Where did all these atoms come from?


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