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What Do You Want To Know About the Psych Ward? A POLL.

Weigh in! I’ve gotten quite a few questions about what it’s really like in the psych ward, and I mention things off-hand that really surprise them – That I think is basic, since this was my third time in. So – Here’s a poll: What do you want to know? I’ll answer them in the order I get feedback. You don’t have to be on the “outside” – Others with mental illness might want to compare visits, and leave comments!

There’s also the one I forgot – Why did I go to the psych ward – How did it start? How did I communicate my hospitalization?

First Day Out After Superstorm?

A lot of commuters in the tri-state area are headed back to work/school tomorrow morning for the first time in a week after Superstorm Sandy.

Even if you’ve had power this past week, heading outside of your home or neighborhood for the first time will be stressful – for everyone! The thing we know about Monday is that it’s going to be a wait-to-go situation. Here’s what I’m doing to prepare (I’ll be taking the subway and walking):
–Charging my cell fully;
–Wearing layers for the commute;
–Packing fingerless gloves and silk underwear for my unheated office;
–Choosing a paperback, rather than reading from my iPad when it’s so cramped on the commute, (and also so I stay alert);
–Packing medicine for Monday night and Tuesday morning, just in case;
–Planning my route this evening as best I can, using the MTA’s resources, but know that it may change; and
–Trying to sleep well tonight.

My office understands that we’ll have some trouble getting in, so I know that I can let a few full trains go by if they’re too full. If I take care of myself tonight and tomorrow, I’ll be able to do a better job when I get to the office.

Best of luck!


I sing at work


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