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Daily Archives: May 16, 2013

Just Dancing My Way To Awesome

So here’s how it works: I set out my workout clothes before I leave in the morning and tell myself I’ll dance for 20 minutes, and an hour passes so quickly. I love the wii.

I started with JustDance2. It’s funny. Each song has its own design, and they are ridiculous but fun. However, the tribal ones are a bit awful, and I think that “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)” by Mika is sizeist because the character doesn’t have as many moves as the others. Other than that, you know, awesome. Then I put on “Monster Mash” to cool down.

In JustDance3 Robin Sparkles sings “Let’s Go To the Mall,” and it’s legen-wait for it!-dary.

I end each round with “Somethin’ Stupid,” sung by a mermaid who – seriously – is dancing with two legs and not one tail, and the other guy is wearing a space suit. It’s ridiculous and fun and a fantastic cool down.

I’m finally enjoying an exercise routine. My mood doesn’t interfere with dancing. I love the wii.

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