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Daily Archives: October 30, 2012

Storm Outside, Calm Inside

We’ve been hit by Sandy in the NE. Those of us with a health issue have additional considerations:
1) Keep to your medication/ meal/ sleep schedule as much as possible;
2) Limit your exposure to news about the storm. I watched the NY & NJ press conferences, and will now stay away from the news until about 4:00 pm. That gives me a break, and it’s all repeats until then, anyway;
3) Take advantage of healthy escapism. If you are at home, do things that are fun that you normally wouldn’t: Play a board game, Watch a movie that is very different from the current situation; Get extra sleep; and
4) Call the NAMI help lines if you need help with a mental health question. Call someone if you feel suicidal. If you’re alone, think about staying with a friend or family member that you can get to safely. Precaution is sensible. Those of us with mental illnesses know a lot about precaution. Trust those instincts.

Best of luck!


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