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Daily Archives: December 4, 2012

Stigma: Judged For Being a Consumer

I am not paranoid. Tend toward hyperbole, yes, especially when telling family stories. Psychotic, not for years. But, when:
**talking with an insurance company about claims and they won’t give me access to when I submitted the last ones; or
**speaking to my mail order medication company about why they say they need authorization on a medication (that I’ve been taking since 2000) but that I can’t order the script more than two days before it’s due, and, therefore, I’d run out if I didn’t keep a few in reserve; or
**knowing that every claim I send in will be refused at least once, even if I fill it out while on the phone with that company’s rep

I know that I sound like I have paranoia.

I speak down, and slowly, to whichever rep is on the other end if the line. I bring up scenarios (documented) of when someone said the same thing and the result was the opposite of what’s promised. I add “sent on (date)” to my scrips, order forms, and the envelope before I mail it all out – and keep a photocopy.

It all gets me so frustrated. I’m trying to keep track of the paperwork. And I feel like I’m being judged because I’m calling the behavioral health claim center, or because the pharmaceutical rep has a list of all of the medications I’ve ordered this month. I feel like being frustrated and asking questions and comparing current answers to past ones results in me being judged, rather than just a consumer.

Why can’t it be the same phone conversation as when I am buying any other product? A little less judgement on both sides? Ugh. Ordering a refill of Lamictal just isn’t the same as ordering a sweater.


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