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Transitioning Back Into A Full Life

I was in the psych ward for a week. More about that another time.

When I was getting discharged, another patient asked if I was excited. I moved my hand in a kind of forward wave. I said I was good. If I was excited, I wouldn’t be ready to leave.

And I am good. I can sit still. I listen. I laugh. I made new friends, as one does in such an intensive environment, and oddly learned how to play chess from another patient who taught me in order to keep me awake for morning meds five days in.

I’ve got three doctor app’ts between today and Monday. And I start work tomorrow. I’m nervous about that, but I’m going to give the techniques and skills I learned at psych a try. Better is great. Thank goodness for that.

(This is a photo I played with, using the ComicBook! app. Sort of like snow on the beach. My new iPad screensaver.)


About Super Fabulous Getting By

So - Here's to making rules and breaking them, keeping healthy by being creative. We're all in this together. We've got to help each other out.

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  1. It’s quiet here, so tomorrow will be a good day for returning. You are in my heart-prayer.

  2. Jackie Arentoft

    Thinking of you! If you ever need an ear, I am here. I am so proud of you. Prayers heading your way.


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