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Superhero Shout-Out: My Husband

In 2004 I met my husband, at a party, across a room.

I liked that he challenged me, questioned me when I spinned out stories. He is smart, funny, handsome, and pretty grounded. He isn’t a superhero that’s been granted special powers, he can’t keep the episodes away. He can handle them. He can tell me when I’m not projecting the “me,” but the episodes instead.

He likes to go for walks with no destination or schedule. He likes to cook. He likes when we’re home together in the evening, relaxing and laughing. He likes to suggest trips when we need to get out of our apartment.

He doesn’t put up with me, he wholly supports me. And I support and encourage him, too.

We’re good together. We knew when we met that there are times when life is rough, and so we appreciate the good things. We use our past experiences to support one another, though everything seems like teamwork now.

I give a superhero shout-out to my favorite human and great love.


About Super Fabulous Getting By

So - Here's to making rules and breaking them, keeping healthy by being creative. We're all in this together. We've got to help each other out.

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  1. You are both my super hero shout outs! You both have it right! I have tears reading this because I feel like you are so right and that is true about you both and about us all in any relationships. It is teamwork and walks without a destination are just great and one who can cook, one who can shop, and eat yahoo!! And laugh even better! Love you both.

  2. That was so awesome to read. You have what I wish I had or hope to have someday.


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