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Daily Archives: June 27, 2013

Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Patient!

It sounds like a game for late nights during hospital rounds.

Three of my doctors were in residence/starting out at the same time at the same hospital back in the day. When my GP retired, my psychiatrist referred me to a new one. Then, my GP sent me to a specialist, who looks a lot like the other two, is around the same age — When they send test results along they chuckle and say “you know, we knew each other when…” …every time.

One’s jolly, one furrows his brows and says an extended “welllllllll….” while he puzzles over something, and the last is right in between, thorough and calm in his black t-shirt and jeans. As I shuttle between them I know that I’m a sort of human tesseract, rubber banding them back to long green corridors, lots of humanity, and not enough sleep. I fell like I’m kind of a member of the club – these three doctors who have the one patient in common.

It’s helpful to me and my health when my doctors take the time to consult one another, since medication and separate conditions can get so tangled. I’m on less medication because they talk. And I get to laugh when they use nicknames, calling each other on their cell phones during an office appointment. I’m their shortcut, their Wrinkle in Time ant.


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