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Should I Be Concerned if My Daughter Only Wears Black?

Sometimes the answer is “yes,” which explains why the question was one of one hundred distributed by HR.

The answer is often “no” if said-daughter lives in NYC and has a tiny closet.

Other achingly specific questions in the brochure:
“Where can I donate all my parents furnishings? They’re too good to throw away.”
“How can I help my son interact with his autistic cousin?”
“How do I start a book club?”
“I need to find a veterinarian oncologist. Can you help me find one?”
“I need help finding elder care for my mother who lives on the west coast.”
“How do I choose a mover?”
“I’m pregnant. How can I find a midwife?”
“I have to produce 100 questions for a self-care brochure. That is a lot of questions. Should I talk about auditioning for community theatre?”
“I need information about dealing with a moody teenager.”

Okay, the second-to-last one is fake.

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