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Liking My New Routine – And Singing!

The snow is such a beautiful sight tonight.

I’m settling into my new routine, with some nice surprises (I’ve cooked dinner two nights in a row!), and some things to get used to, like falling asleep less easily because I’m on fewer medications.

Today I went to an intake session for DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, which is especially helpful for people with borderline personality disorder, but many of the skills will help me, too). The group DBT sessions were set up as part of my outtake plan. Turns out, I need to have a once-a-week cognitive behavioral therapist appointment set up before I can start my group DBT sessions. Ugh. More paperwork to add to the post-hospital paperwork I’m already working on.

Since I have to wait a few weeks before starting group DBT, I went to the bookstore. Instead of buying the DPT Skills Workbook For Bipolar Disorder, I bought three art books. Less writing and forms, more fun. So, the first two are for looking at things differently:

An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration From The Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators, and Designers, by Danny Gregory.

Just Draw It!: The Dynamic Drawing Course For Anyone With A Pencil & Paper, by Sam Piyasena and Beverly Philp.

And, lastly, for easy inspiration so I can just get down to it: 642 Things To Write About, by The San Francisco Writer’s Grotto.

I am not going to create Survival Kits or put playlists together or stack up a bunch of books that I am capable of reading. I’m going to sing when I cook and draw pictures and appreciate the snow in March. Eventually, I’ll find an affordable CBTherapist. For now, I’m going to relax and enjoy things.


[snow photo from February]

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