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The Happy To-and-From (#wiwt)

Wearing an orange flowery coat makes the

to-and-from a lot more fun.


Unexceptional. And I’m pleased.

Nothing to write about because everything is fine. Good. Balanced. Nice. Not exceptional in any way.

I love it.


The Saint of Book Stores

My drawing from last night. Helped me relax so I could sleep, now that I’m on fewer meds. It was a good part of my day:

Photo on 3-19-13 at 9.01 PM

Every Day Is Better With Bagpipes.

I swear. Every day is better when you end it with a clip about bagpipes.




(Plus, a pretty sunset photo. Ahh. Perfection.)


What Makes Me Happy

  1. Hearing that Jason Mraz song, “I’m Yours” on the subway on the commute home.
  2. Exploring the city with my camera.
  3. Leaving the city for a day.
  4. My Mom and the rest of my family.
  5. A really excellent husband.
  6. Hope that “Once Upon A Time” will have some sort of happiness before the season ends.
  7. Starting – and finishing! – a creative project.Image
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