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GlamourUK’s “Hey, It’s OK” Campaign

I picked up a copy of the May 2012 Glamour UK. They’re starting a “Hey, It’s OK” campaign to “raise the awareness of depression and its hold on many young women.” 

There’s not a lot about the campaign on their website yet, except the above and this short piece about covergirl Frankie Sandford, a British performer, singer with the Saturdays. I really recommend looking for the bound issue. Frankie’s story is reflective of so many of ours – especially the way she knew when it started – she was 15 or 16 – and she avoided telling anyone about it for years. She “thought people would think, ‘What have you got to be depressed about?'” So many of us have found reasons not to talk about it, not to tell anyone about the pain. 

Get a copy, if you can. There are other great parts. I hope the campaign is a success. It made me feel better, to start.

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