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Superhero Shout-Out: Huzzah!

This friend of mine always makes me want to stand up and say “Huzzah!” I don’t know if I’ve ever done that in her presence, but she makes me want to cheer.

She’s wonderful and empathetic and inspires confidence.¬†SMmmmmd is forthright and doesn’t pretend to be feeling something she’s not. She’s thoughtful and kind and fun and has a fantastic smile. I have a photo of her, palms up like she’s dancing (or, actually, posed to look like she’s holding up the sign for Pier 88 during Fleet Week). It’s always on my iPad. I love it.

Smmmmd has so many dimensions, so many talents and gifts, that I can’t put it all down, and I like that I can’t describe her easily. Every time I turn one aspect of her around, another color shines just around the edge. She’s like an opal. Maybe this is what I should say: “I’m working on the ‘Superhero Shout-Out’ about you for my blog. Even after thinking about it for weeks, sometimes it’s hard to know what to say except ‘thanks’ and ‘I’m glad you’re my friend.'”

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