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Freakin’ Lemons!

Forget the nonsense about taking life’s lemons and making lemonade. Here’s what really happens:

Life throws some lemons at me, and I’m all like, “Ugh. Lemons.” Sometimes, I’m more specific: “Drat these lemons. I’m so over these lemons. Same damn lemons, over and over.”

Then, life throws more lemons. Usually, these lemons are a direct hit, and they are a bit surprising. Not the same old stuff. Then, I’m like, “Jeez. I didn’t see that one coming. Ouch! That hurt! Left field, seriously – out of left field!

So I look around, and I see the new lemons and the old lemons. And I forget that they are lemons-things-I’m-not-pleased-about, and see them as Lemons, Just Lemons. And I think,”Oh. Maybe I can make a meringue. Or lemonade. Lemonade is good.”

That’s it. True story. The end.

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