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Superhero Shout-Out: My College Dean

This Superhero Shout-Out goes out to my College Dean!


I was hospitalized halfway through my senior year at college. I was also halfway across the country from home. My Dad flew in, and as he helped me figure out so many changes, he set up a meeting with the Dean. The Dean helped me stay registered in two of my scheduled classes, working it around the weeks of out-patient therapy that was a requirement of my hospital release.

She also checked in with me – not just on my academic standing, but on how I was feeling and coping. I’d always really respected and liked her, but after that I also thought of her as my friend and a member of my team. 

I walked with the rest of my class at commencement on a cold May morning, and received my diploma the following spring after I completed my senior capstone requirement. I don’t know what my Dean did behind the scenes. What I saw was her encouraging my work on the illustrated book I had started about/to help me understand and create a structure for the bipolar. It was the beginning of my survival kit. 

Without her support and friendship, I wouldn’t still be working on my book (it evolves as I do), and I wouldn’t have created my blog and set up the Facebook page. With her encouragement, I don’t know that I would be so comfortable talking about how I have bipolar and how it’s part of who I am and part of my success. 

Thank you for everything, Superhero Dean!

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